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Everyone is talking about La Canadienne! From celebrities to fashion bloggers, our boots have become the toast of the town. Check out what everyone is buzzing about.

Booties Ramella Booties Ramella

The perfect moto booties for Fall. I love them cause they pretty much go with any outfit. Comfort and style all in ONE.

- Petite & Bold, Wearing 2017 Fall-Winter Collection Ramella.

Booties Bevy

They say fashion is a way to express yourself. Well, I think my Bevy boots say it loud and clear: I'm not afraid to stand out and I love adding a little sparkle to my day!.

- Julius & Valentina, Wearing 2017 Fall-Winter Collection Bevy.

Western Booties Bevy
Pump Falone Pump Falone

Madam Sophie Gregoire Trudeau with our Falone Pump for the 375th anniversary of Montreal.

- Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, Wearing 2017 Spring-Summer Collection Falone.

Booties Ramella

I think I want to stay in these boots forever.

- Maddie Greer, Wearing 2017 Fall-Winter Collection Ramella.

Booties Ramella