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Boot of the Month


Leather is undeniably one of the hottest trends for the Fall/Winter 2012/2013 season. It is beautiful, luxurious and practical which explains why it is so popular. Whether it be a coat, pants, dress, skirt or handbag, a hint of leather will update any look. This trend is all the more prevalent in footwear.

La Canadienne offers a wide range of leather boots that are exquisitely designed. Made from the finest Italian hides, La Canadienne leathers have also been treated to be waterproof which will allow you not only to be fashionable but practical as well.   

Our leather pick for the month is style Marcus. This platform heel hugs the leg beautifully while creating an ultra modern and feminine look.  

FUN FACT- No two pieces of leather are alike; each has its own natural markings, which make it unique.