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Everyone is talking about La Canadienne! From celebrities to fashion bloggers, our footwear has become the toast of the town. Check out what everyone is buzzing about.

Balmora Booties Balmora Booties

A classic lace up bootie with discreet side zips so you can easily slip them on and off.

- Felicia Evalina, Wearing 2018 Fall-Winter Collection Balmora.

Lace Espadrilles

Set on a 80 mm edgy heel this bootie will not go unnoticed.

- An Dyer, Wearing 2018 Fall-Winter Collection Rosalind.

Lace Espadrilles
White Booties White Booties

A fresh way to incorporate off-white into your outfits this winter.

- Maddie Greer, Wearing 2018 Fall-Winter Collection Bleecker.

Waterproof Booties

Warm & comfortable in a military-inspired waterproof bootie.

- Cassidy Neves, Wearing 2018 Fall-Winter Collection Caterina.

Waterproof Booties


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