Our Collection

Consciously making timeless footwear, outerwear and accessories for all urban occasions.

We set out to make shoes from a different perspective, one conscious of the needs that city living cultivates. We adopt a no-compromise approach to footwear that marries design, function, and ethics.

Our products are handmade in Canada, Spain and Italy, with the highest quality materials.

Made in Canada

La Canadienne was born in Montreal in 1987. Montreal can experience all four seasons in a given day, but a true Montrealer isn’t phased by the weather. We embrace the elements with style, determined to live and enjoy without restraint. We set out to make shoes with this attitude in mind.

We take a systematic approach to our manufacturing process that considers the consumer, the community, and the planet. Learn more about our Montreal production facility here.

Our City Dry™ footwear is sought-after because of its legendary waterproofing. Our shoes are designed to keep feet dry and warm thanks to breathable materials and a unique process that repels water from the surface. Learn more about our technology here.


Made in Italy and Spain

We believe women should never have to sacrifice style for practicality, or premium quality for affordability. We adopt a no-compromise approach to footwear, marrying classic and contemporary styles with unrivalled functionality so women experience the freedom of embracing all-season city living.

The result is beautiful and durable footwear, outerwear, and accessories handmade in Canada, Spain, and Italy with the highest quality materials, using old-world insight and a modern-day sensibility.

From cashmere accessories to leather handbags, Europe provides the expertise that leads the industry in fashion, quality and comfort.



Handcrafted in Canada, Italy and Spain with comfort and style in mind.



Our outerwear collection is handcrafted in Italy with the finest leathers, down and wool.



From leather bags to silk scarves, we offer everything you need to complete your looks.