Consciously made for city life

We set out to make shoes from a different perspective, one conscious of the needs that city living cultivates. We adopt a no-compromise approach to footwear that marries design, function, and ethics.

Montreal born.

Canadian to the core.

La Canadienne was born in 1987 in Montreal, a city that can experience all four seasons in a given day. Montrealers embrace the elements with style, determined to live and enjoy each day without restraint, and we set out to make shoes with this attitude in mind.

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La Canadienne Montreal

No compromise

We believe women should never have to sacrifice style for practicality, or premium quality for affordability. We adopt a no-compromise approach to footwear, marrying classic and contemporary styles with unrivalled functionality so women experience the freedom of embracing all-season city living.

City Dry™ Technology

Our footwear is sought after for its legendary waterproofing thanks to our CityDry™ technology, a unique process that repels water from the surface and is ready to weather the elements upon purchase. Coupled with breathable materials, our shoes are designed to keep feet dry and warm without ever compromising style.

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chelsea bootie

Our Montreal Facility

Our City Dry™ footwear is hand-crafted and consciously made, with over 35 years of experience crafting footwear.

Every boot is hand cut to ensure a quality fit and an unsurpassable level of comfort. We take tremendous pride in every item that we manufacture and deliver, continuously trying to improve our footwear to benefit our customers and adapt to their lifestyles.

Quality control is an essential ingredient to the finished product. Skillful eyes inspect each skin prior to beginning production. Every style made is inspected by hand before being packed. Great fit and consistent quality have become synonymous with La Canadienne.



Our footwear is fair and well made. High quality leathers sourced in Italy. Handmade in Canada, Spain and Italy, with ethics and the environment in mind.


Timeless Design

Our Canadian sensibilities are stitched into all we do, as our collections are designed to keep up with all-season city living: polished for any occasion.


Exceptional Craftsmanship

Our employees exude true craftsmanship. Their skills and dedication to the trade are found in each and every pair of shoes produced.


Made for Life in Motion

We craft shoes without compromise that move with you, all year. Timeless in style. Comfortable, whatever the distance. Durable no matter the forecasts.

Our Commitment

We take a systematic approach to our manufacturing process that considers the consumer, the community, and the planet. We choose materials that stand the test of time in order to minimize their impact on the planet. Environmentally friendly dyes and protective agents, as well as recycled materials are used for our packaging materials.

Our focus on detail extends to our keen awareness of the environmental impact of our products. We are proud to use the highest quality Italian hides available that are by-products of the food industry. This allows us to utilize materials that would otherwise have been discarded. We work with local makers and international suppliers who share our ethics and values. The result is footwear that is as beautiful as it is well-made.

We are committed to meeting and exceeding all environmental regulations, not just in our product but in our factory as well.


Fair Labor Practices

All employees are treated equally according to the high standards of North American labor laws. They enjoy an environmentally safe workplace that is dedicated to using non toxic materials as well as providing the most up to date manufacturing techniques. Providing a respected workplace for our employees is paramount to the success of our products.