The Art Of Boot Making

An intricate process comprised of over 100 steps that has been perfected over the last 35 years in our eco-friendly, Montreal based factory. Every City Dry™ boot is hand cut to ensure a quality fit and an unsurpassable level of comfort. We take tremendous pride in every item that we manufacture and deliver, continuously trying to improve our footwear to benefit our customers and adapt to their lifestyles.



The most creative part of the shoemaking process, our design team conceptualizes a design on a last.


Pattern Making

A paper pattern is created.



The leather is cut to ensure precision and minimal wastage.



Once cut, the pieces are stitched together & the boots begin to take shape.



Once stitched it is pulled over a plastic mould in the shape of a foot. Lasts come in many styles and sizes which give the finished shoe a fashionable shape and look.


Finishing & Packing

In the final stage boots are brushed, polished, packed and shipped out to the stores and consumers.